Featured Story - Kinetic Pavement - absorbing your energy in London !

So here's a very potent thought to ponder...imagine having the ability to power ____(you fill in the blank,)  just by walking or moving about.

 This link takes us into the world of harvesting Kinetic Energy.  Yes, Kinetic energy....a favorite word of the emerald-BIKEr (the K in BIKEr representative of KINETIC)  It's here......  whoot whoot !

Read the article here.

Kinetic Energy Lighting London Subways....

Here is something to ponder the next time you see the light flicker when you walk by it -or- if and entire street lights up when your around !  Know how they say  .....you light up a room.....  hmmmm- maybe you should charge for that service.

Read the article here.




The Earth Day Coalition & Marriott's AMP 150 fuse to host the 15th Annual "Instrumental Evening for the Earth"

Question:  What do you get when you mix a world leading hotelier, a rockin' restaurant with farm to table flair, performances by members of The Cleveland Orchestra and the people's passion for environmental awareness ?    Answer:  A fantastic evening of people, planet and not- for- profit.  

Please join the emerald-BIKEr and many of her friends for this celebratory evening  November 10th http://www.earthdaycoalition.org/

 To find out more about these 2 organizations, please visit our directory of green companies and click on their links.


 L to R:  Dan Pora / Marriott's Asst. General Manager

and Scott Sanders / Earth Day Coalition's Executive Director


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