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Village Bike Cooperative auctions vintage Gottfried Mixed Tandem on April 25, 2015

For more details - click the History Mystery (hi my) Tour tab (above.)  

Sign up for the tour, or just come and say hello on April 25.  We'd love to see you.


"Zagster" Introduces Bike Sharing to Cleveland

I'd heard of this concept a while ago and  decided to test out a bike from one of its rental locations in the Flats.

It was a pefect sunny October football Sunday.  

I uploaded the company's app to my phone before making the trip. This streamlined the process once it was time to rent and ride. 

The entire experience was plesant for a number of reasons:

1) I was able to ride the Flats/ urban areas and learn about them upclose and personal.

2) Riding around and through tailgate parties was a kick!

3) The lakeshore scenery was inspiring.

4) The meal afterwards at the Wharf Restaurant (bike rental location) was a visual and tasteful surprise.

To top it off, the Metroparks paired with Zagster to make this experience available for all of us... .

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Lake Ridge Academy: Practical Learning the Sustainable Way

While the ideals surrounding sustainable practices largely remain a niche market, Lake Ridge Academy is doing more than offer "theory."  As part of last year's 50th anniversary festivities (celebrated in October,) the school made its second meaningful solar installation coupled with an electric automobile / charging station. Kuddos LRA for the innovative visual and practical teaching modality.



What is a "Lumen" Anyhow?

Watts vs lumens

On the packaging of light bulbs watts are a measure of the electrical power supplied to a light, whereas the amount of light (visible to the human eye) produced is measured in lumens.

Why change from watts to lumens?

Because it tells us what we actually want to know - how bright a light will be. Lumens give us an easy way to compare the actual amount of visible light produced by any given bulb. For example, you could buy a 10 watt LED light bulb which would look much brighter than a 10 watt tungsten light bulb. This difference in brightness can only be characterised by the bulbs' lumen output, i.e. how much visible light they are actually producing.



Spitballs; an ingenious original form of repurposing / recycling.